Slow steps forward with Twitter

Yesterday, the Prosecution Project took a bold step forward, dipping its foot ever-so-slightly into the world of social media. We now present to you our Twitter feed!

While I must admit that we’re not quite sure the function of this feed for the project, but allow me to propse two ways in which Twitter can serve to advance our work:

  1. By using Twitter, we can more easily share the progress of the project, our challenges, analysis and findings as they emerge.
  2. We can act more transparently about the sorts of cases we’re adding, and the universe of incidents and individuals which makes up our dataset.
  3. By curating a feed of governmental agencies, reporting bodies, academic and non-governmental institutions and individual scholars, we can help our team of researchers more easily locate cases. When we find cases to be added to the dataset, we’ll reTweet them!
  4. We can receive information from the wider Terrorism Studies community! We welcome anyone who hears of an arrest, prosecution, sentencing, pleas or other legal proceeding of a felony incident of political violence occurring in the US to Tweet @prosecutionthe and share with us. When we receive Tweets, we’ll run them through our decision tree, and if they fit, add them to the dataset. We have designed tPP from the beginning to be a resource to the wider community and are committed to publicizing the dataset as a free, open source knowledge bank when it is able to be shared.

If you have ideas for how we can best use this tool, drop us a line!

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