tPP in the News

tPP in the News

15 January 2021 “Activists are worried insurrectionists aren’t being charged as heavy handedly as Floyd protesters. Experts say the list of crimes pro-Trump rioters could face is just beginning.” [Business Insider]

14 January 2021 “DOJ is Considering Charging Capitol Rioters with Seditious Conspiracy, Felony Murder” [The Intercept]

5 January 2021 “5 Charged Over Minneapolis New Year’s Eve Riots Involving ‘Kill Cops’ and ‘Abolish Prisons’ Vandalism” [Daily Caller]

7 December 2020 “Shamar Betts: In Jail for Months Waiting for Trial” [WILL Radio – University of Illinois]

18 November 2020 “Feds, Under Trump, Stepping in to Prosecute Crimes Tied to Civil Unrest, Gun Violence” [Newsday]

15 November 2020 “Are BLM Prosecutions a Deliberate Crackdown?[Al Jazeera]

4 November 2020 “Trump’s DOJ Still Pretending Everything Has An ‘Interstate’ Nexus To Throw Federal Charges At Protester” [Techdirt]

31 October 2020 “The President’s War on Dissent Is Using Trumped-Up Federal Charges” [The Intercept]

30 October 2020 “Federal Prosecutors Engaged in Unprecedented Push to Jail Protesters before Trial” [The Intercept]

29 October 2020 “The aftermath of the Black Lives Matter protests – where do they stand now?” [The Hill]

29 October 2020 “Arson charges against prominent Philadelphia activist draw swift rebuke from protest movement” [The Bakersfield Californian]

27 October 2020: “Federal Felony Charges Against 300 in Police Protests” [The Crime Report]

27 October 2020: “America’s protest crackdown: five months after George Floyd, hundreds face trials and prison” [The Guardian]

28 September 2020: “Federal Charges for Black Lives Matter Protesters Even More Appalling in Light of Breonna Taylor Indictment” [The Root]

24 September 2020: “2 Black Lives Matter demonstrators are facing life in prison. Experts say the ‘deeply disturbing’ potential sentences are an ‘unprecedented’ form of government overreach”   [Insider]

13 July 2020: “The Federal Government’s Aggressive Prosecution of Protestors” [Lawfare]

13 July 2020: “White Supremacist Prosecutions Roundup” [Lawfare]

7 July 2020: “They Came to Support People Getting Out of Jail. Then They Were Attacked By Police.” [In These Times]

16 January 2020: Prosecution Project examines how sociopolitical crimes are prosecuted[Miami University News & Events: Top Stories]

31 December 2019: “Republican Death Threats Are Undermining Our Democracy.” [The Philadelphia Inquirer]

14 November 2019:The Prosecution Project aided by Research Computing Support group[Miami University News from the Office for the Advancement of Research and Scholarship]

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30 May 2019:AOC says she gets death threats after organizations air ‘hateful messages’ about her[USA Today]

26 March 2019: Prosecutions for death threats against US politicians spiked last year[Quartz]

1 December 2018: TV interview with tPP Director about the 2018 FBI Hate Crimes Report and the utility of tPP [Sinclair Broadcast Group]

16 November 2018: “As hate crimes rise across the U.S., a Miami team researches political motivations and prosecution” [Miami University News and Communications]