Data Requests

tPP fully encourages others to use our data for their own research purposes, as it is a collective effort to effectively advance the study of terrorism and political violence, form effective counterterrorism policies, and build community resilience to violent extremism.

Researchers, students, journalists, policymakers, activists, and others interested in the Prosecution Project’s data can make requests for two main research products:


We offer customized datasets tailored to specific research questions. For example, in the past, we have built datasets focused specifically on defendants with military service records who are also linked to violent extremist organizations; in another request, we compiled the data of all defendants linked to crimes collectively labeled as “eco-terrorism.”
Individuals interested in a customized dataset can fill out the form located here. Our team will work to determine the correct pool of cases, and then promptly provide that dataset as a spreadsheet for analysis.


Depending on the nature of the question, we can also provide a statistical analysis of the data provided. This secondary service builds from the data request above and takes the form of short narratives, tables, and charts. Once the data set is constructed, our team can also provide analysis focused on the data trends. This analytical package also includes the data in ‘raw’ form as a spreadsheet.

All requests for data are handled in the order received, and after establishing the information being requested, can typically be accomplished within 5 business days. Data is distributed with an End User License Agreement which outlines its usage. tPP provides all of its data for free, so there are no fees for requesting data.
Individuals interested in receiving tPP data, either in raw or analytical form, should fill out the form located here. If our Data Science team has any questions, you will receive a reply via email.

Got more questions about data requests? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions here!