Resources for Studying Political Violence

Databases & Datasets

ADL’s Hate, Extremism, Anti-Semitism, Terrorism (H.E.A.T.) Map

Chicago Project on Security and Terrorism (CPOST): Suicide Attack Database

Counter Extremism Project’s Terrorists and Extremists Database

Covert Networks – UCINET Software

Department of State: Country Reports on Terrorism

First Vigil

ICT’s Incidents and Activists Database

John Jay & ARTIS Transnational Terrorism Database (JJATT)

Monterey WMD Terrorism Database

ProPublica’s Documenting Hate

RAND’s Database of Worldwide Terrorism Incidents

RTV dataset: Right-wing terrorism and violence in Western Europe

South Asian Terrorism Portal (SATP)

SPLC’s Extremst Files

SPLC’s Hate Map

SPLC’s Map of White Supremacist Flyering in the U.S.

Suicide Attack Network Database

START’s Global Terrorism Database

START’s Influencing Violent Extremist Organizations (IVEO) Knowledge Matrix

START’s Profiles of Individual Radicalization in the United States (PIRUS)

START’s Terrorism and Extremist Violence in the United States (TEVUS) Database and Portal

TRAC Reports on Terrorism prosecutions

University of Michigan, Terrorism & Preparedness Data Resource Center (TPDRC)

For a detailed accounting of databases and datasets, check out “30 Terrorism Databases and Data Sets: a New Inventory” written by Neil G. Bowie, and published in PERSPECTIVES ON TERRORISM Volume 12, Issue 5.

Public Opinion Datasets on Terrorism

Leiden University, Public opinion on the problems of terrorism (in USA) (2004)

Center for American Progress, Terrorism Survey I (2006)

RAND Corporation, The Impact of Terrorism on Public Open on, 1988 to 1989 (2006)

Center for American Progress, Terrorism Survey II (2007)

Protecting Individual Privacy in the Struggle Against Terrorists: A Framework for Program Assessment (2008)

Council on Foreign Relations, U.S. Opinion on Terrorism (2009)

Attitudes and Action: Public Opinion and the Occurrence of International Terrorism (2009)

Brookings Institute, The American Public on the 9/11 Decade: A Study of American Public Opinion (2011)

UMass Lowell Center for Public Opinion, Terrorism and Security Survey (2013)

Jewish Virtual Library, American Public Opinion Polls: Opinion Towards Terrorism (2015)

Gallup Review: U.S. Public Opinion on Terrorism (2015)

The Representation Of Terrorism In The Public Opinion: Fixing The Images In The Public Mentality (2015)

At What Cost:  United States’ Counter-Terrorism Strategy, Reputation, and Public Opinion (2015)

Gallup, American Public Opinion, Terrorism and Guns (2016)

Public Opinion On Terrorism: 15 Years Later (2016)

Third Way, Public Opinion for the Top Counterterrorism Issues (2016)

ICCT, Public Opinion Survey Data to Measure Sympathy and Support for Islamist Terrorism (2017)

Pew Research Center: Terrorism and concerns about extremism (2017)

A Comparison of Public Support for Moderate and Extreme Terrorism (2017)

Pew Research Center: Terrorism (2018), Monmouth University Poll (2018)

Trends in Public Opinion on Terrorism (2018)

CATO Institute, Public Opinion and Counterterrorism Policy (2018)

Primary Source Materials, Translations & Analysis

9/11 Memorial & Museum, 9/11 Primary Sources

Bin Laden’s bookshelf

Conflict Records Research Center: al-Qaeda and Associated Movements Collections

CTC Harmony Program (database of Al Qaeda primary source documents)

CTC Militant Imagery Project

Global Terrorism Research Project (Al Qaeda and ISIS statements)


Jihadology (large archive of jihadist videos, statements, etc.)

Online Jihad

Public Intelligence

George Washington University, The National Security Archive

NEFA Foundation terrorist documents translations (archive)

Urban Guerrilla

US Government Publishing Office: Terrorism

Institutions & Projects


Centre of Excellence Defense Against Terrorism (COE-DAT)

Combatting Terrorism Center at West Point

Congressional Research Service Reports?on Terrorism

FBI reports on terrorism

U.S. Government Accountability Office, Reports and Testimonies: Homeland Security – Terrorism

National Institute of Justice, Research on Domestic Radicalization and Terrorism

Naval Postgraduate School, Dudley Knox Library: Terrorism guide

Office of the Director of National Intelligence, The National Counterterrorism Center

United Nations Counter-Terrorism Committee

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Special Rapporteur on Terrorism – Annual Reports

United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism

Academic Centers

Columbia University, Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma: Resources on Terrorism

Duke University, Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security

Fordham Law, Center on National Security

George Mason University, Terrorism, Transnational Crime and Corruption Center (TraCCC)

George Washington University, Program on Extremism

Georgetown University, Center for Security Studies

Inter-University Center for Terrorism Studies

James Madison University, Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Terrorism and Peace

John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Center on Terrorism

Monash University, Global Terrorism Research Centre

Nanyang Technological University, International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research

National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism

St. Mary’s University School of Law, Center for Terrorism Law

Stanford, Center for International Security and Cooperation

Syracuse University, Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism

Universiteit Leiden, Research Group on Terrorism and Political Violence

University of Arkansas, Terrorism Research Center

University of Chicago, Chicago Project on Security and Terrorism

University of Denver, Center for International Security & Diplomacy

University of Oklahoma, College of Medicine, Terrorism and Disaster Center

University of Massachusetts Lowell, Center for Terrorism and Security Studies

University of Southern California, Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events

University of St Andrews, Centre For the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence (CSTPV)


Anti-Defamation League’s Extremism, Terrorism & Bigotry resources:

Brookings Institute: Terrorism & Extremism

Center for Homeland Defense and Security

Center for the Analysis of Terrorism

Council on Foreign Relations

Foreign Policy Research Institute, Center for the Study of Terrorism

George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies

Institute for Economics & Peace: Global Terrorism Index reports

Institute for the Study of Violent Groups

International Centre for Counter-Terrorism: The Hague

International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation (ICSR)

International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT)

The Jamestown Foundation

Janes’s 360: Terrorism & Insurgency

Long War Journal

Potomac Institute for Policy Studies

RAND Corporation: National Security & Terrorism

Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium (TRAC)

Terrorism Research Initiative

Academic Journals*

Core Journals for Terrorism Research

Open-Access Journals

Combating Terrorism Exchange

Counter Terrorist Trends & Analysis (CTTA)

Combating Terrorism Center Sentinel

Defence Against Terrorism Review

Journal of 9/11 Studies

Journal of Terrorism Research (now Contemporary Voices: St Andrews Journal of International Relations (CVIR))

Perspectives on Terrorism (new site here)

Terrorism: An Electronic Journal and Knowledge Base

Terrorism Monitor

Subscription-Based Journals

Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression

Biosecurity and Bioterrorism: Biodefense Strategy, Practice, and Science

Counter Terrorism

The Counter Terrorist Magazine

Critical Studies on Terrorism

Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict: Pathways Toward Terrorism and Genocide


International Journal of Cyber Warfare and Terrorism

Journal for Deradicalization

The Journal for the Study of Radicalism

Journal of Applied Security Research: Prevention and Response in Asset Protection, Terrorism and Violence

Journal of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism

Militant Leadership Monitor

Studies in Conflict & Terrorism

Terrorism and Political Violence

Periphery Journals for Terrorism Research

Open-Access Journals


conflict & communication online


Disarmament Forum

The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs [Online Edition]

Fletcher Security Review

Global Media Journal: Canadian Edition

Global Media Journal: Mediterranean Edition

Global Security Studies

Homeland Security Affairs

International Journal of Conflict and Violence

International Journal of Safety and Security in Tourism/Hospitality

Internationale Politik (IP)

Joint Force Quarterly

Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication

The Journal of Conflict Studies

The Journal of International Security Affairs

Journal of Media Sociology

Journal of Middle East Media?

Journal of National Security, Law and Policy

Journal of Strategic Security


Die Kriminalpolizei

Middle East Media Educator

The Middle East Quarterly

Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA)

Military Review

New Media and Mass Communication

Pakistan Journal of Criminology


per Concordiam

Policy Review


Small Wars Journal

Strategic Insights

UNISCI Discussion Papers

Subscription-Based Journals

Aggression and Violent Behavior

American Behavioral Scientist

Conflict Management and Peace Science

Crime, Law and Social Change

Crime Media Culture

Democracy and Security

European Journal of Cultural Studies

Georgetown Journal of International Affairs

Global Media and Communication

International Affairs

International Communication Gazette

The International Journal of Press/Politics

International Security

Journal for Intelligence, Propaganda and Security Studies (JIPSS)

Journal of Arab & Muslim Media Research

Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media

Journal of Communication

Journal of Conflict Resolution

Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Journal of Military Ethics

Journal of Peace Research

Media, War & Conflict

Middle East Policy

ORBIS: A Journal of World Affairs

Political Communication

Political Psychology

Politics, Religion & Ideology

Radical History Review

The RUSI Journal

Security Dialogue

Small Wars & Insurgencies


Third World Quarterly

The Washington Quarterly



*The ‘Academic Journal’ listing was adapted from: Tinnes, Judith.  100 Core and Periphery Journals for Terrorism ResearchPerspectives on Terrorism 7, no. 2 (April 26, 2013).

For even more institutional resources, check out “130+ (Counter-) Terrorism Research Centres’ an Inventory”, compiled and selected by Teun van Dongen and published by Perspectives on Terrorism.