tPP Publishes Data for Public Use

Since its inception in 2017, the Prosecution Project (tPP) has aimed to make all of its data available online, for free in an accessible format. tPP is excited to announce that our data is officially published to browse and download on our website here. The public can now access tPP’s unique set of data to supplement their own research and generate new findings.

Users are welcome to search tPP’s extensive database compiling criminal cases of political violence since 1990, including those from the Summer 2020 George Floyd Protests and the January 6th Capitol Siege. tPP’s published data consists of over 3,500 cases coded to completion for over 50 variables including date, location, ideological affiliation, criminal method, sentencing details, gender, race, religion, veteran status, citizenship, and more. Those navigating the data may use the features on our website to narrow their research to any one or number of these variables.

The cases in tPP’s public database have been researched by two coders, verified by a third coder, and are in the process of undergoing a final audit. Each case is cross-referenced with a series of court documents, newspaper accounts, and other sources. Whenever possible, tPP aims to add and code cases based on primary sources such as court documents and governmental reports and releases. When primary sources are unavailable, tPP uses triangulated secondary sources. Typically these secondary sources are news or academic articles.

This information is free to use but please credit the Prosecution Project | tPP Twitter.

If you have further questions about the data, or would like more information on the cases, their inclusion criteria, etc., get in touch.

Although our data is now public, tPP is still accepting Data Requests. Individuals interested in receiving tPP data, either in raw or analytical form, should fill out the form located here.

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