tPP Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary

A message from our Executive Director, Michael Loadenthal:

“This week marks five years since we began the Prosecution Project in a squatted classroom in Ohio.

This has meant five years of volunteers working on a daily basis to produce knowledge for the general public. Five years of late nights and early mornings to check court records, chase down sources, and compare data tables. Five years of meeting in pairs and groups to verify and audit, and five years of working with external clients to deliver the data to their desktops.

When I started tPP in March 2017, I could never have thought that we’d still be at it a half a decade later, but as I look around and take stock of the project, we are going strong, and growing in capacity and reach. I am eternally thankful to the hundreds of students, practitioners, and advisors  who have contributed to this project. I want to thank our amazing team of researchers, our advisory board, those who have worked with us to request data, and the many, many, journalists and engaged scholars we’ve assisted and engaged with. Without the many people who have given their time and energy over these years, we thank you. We could not have done it without you.”

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