Expanding the tPP Team

After putting out a call in early November for new applicants to join the tPP team, we are excited to welcome our new cohort of team members for the upcoming term! In all, we will be adding upwards of 15 new team members to begin work as pre-coders in 2022. 

At this time, we have begun onboarding new team members currently enrolled at The University of North Carolina, State University of New York, and American University, as well as numerous post-graduates in professional fields including law and criminal justice.

As a result of this influx of new members, we are suspending new applications at this time. 

If you still have interest in applying, please email our Executive Director Michael Loadenthal individually at michael@theprosecutionproject.org as we plan to conduct another open recruitment in August 2022.

Keep an eye out for introductions to these new team members on our website and our LinkedIn in the near future!

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