Advisory Board

tPP Advisory Board

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Prosecution Project (tPP) advisory board is to bring together subject matter experts and data scientists external to Miami University who can help to guide the expanding project and advance its research in the public sphere. This elite team of advisors will serve as a sounding board for particularly vexing theoretical and methodological questions in preparing the tPP database for scholarly analysis and public use. By providing this expertise, advisors will help to advance a unique and academically rigorous approach to terrorism studies and its related fields, as well as supporting undergraduate researchers dedicated to advancing the project.

Advisory Board Member Responsibilities:

  1. To provide general direction and guidance for tPP’s research agenda
  2. To communicate with members of the tPP team through regularly scheduled check-ins
  3. To forge connections between tPP researchers, policy analysts, subject matter experts and other related professionals
  4. To recommend further resources, opportunities, and tools for the advancement of the project
  5. To serve as advocates for the integrity of tPP

Current Advisory Board Members:


Former Members of tPP Advisory Board

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Dr. Michael Loadenthal